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Body Contouring

Spa Body Contouring

Prices and Services 

Muscle Sculpt

Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

Muscle Scuplt uses the most advanced high intensity focused magnetic vibration technology. Muscle Scuplt directly stimulates motor neurons, causing your body's muscles to expand and contract.

This kind of contraction cannot be achieved by your typical exercises. In just a 30 minutes treatment your muscles contract up to 30,000 times.

Builds Muscle, Breaks and Reduce Fat. 

:Arms, Tummy, Butt & Thighs. And muscle separation repair.

Non-invasive, non hyperthermia, non-radiation, no recovery time. 

$500 per session (6 suggested)

30 min session time. 

A vigorous and powerful full body massage, that helps to reduce cellulite, stimulates the lymphatic system, sculpt the body, contour and release waste and promote immunity. 

$200 (each session)

75 mins

  Note: Please drink plenty of water at least two days prior to your scheduled appointment date. Continue drinking plenty of water at least 48 hrs after appointment.

*  Please limit coffee and caffeinated tea's during this time. 


Wood Therapy


Activates the metabolism and increases the body's circulation. Increases Lymphatic Drainage, Breaks down coiled fascia.

Improving the general condition of the skin by increasing oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin.


Areas include: Hips, Thighs, Stomach, Arms, Butt, and Back


60 dollars each

Session Time: 33 minutes 

Sculptice & Wood Therapy


5 - 25 sessions Weekly / Bi Weekly  

Body Sculpting, Inch Loss, Cellulite Reduction, Body Transformation, Breaks down fat, Sculpts and Contours the body

Full Body Treatment 







(choose One - Two area's per session)

250 dollars each session 

Session Time 60 - 75 mins 


Radio Frequency


10-12 sessions 10 days apart (9-11 days )

Body Firming, Tightening, improves creepy skin, cellulite reduction.

 One area per session 

Session Time 40 mins Session


Ml's Body Wrap


 3 - 6 sessions every 4 days or once Weekly 

Detoxification, Cellulite Reduction, Inch Loss

Full Body Treatment 

Packages Available 

130 dollars per session

Session Time 70 mins Sessions 


( Mechanical Lymphatic Drainage  )


3 - 10 Sessions Weekly / Bi -Weekly

Detoxification, Reduce Swelling, Recover from Exercise, Reduce excess Lymphatic Fluid


Stomach and Legs Treatment 

90 dollars - per session 

Session Time 30 minutes 

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