Advanced Skin Care

  • HydraFacial 

  • Vi Chemical Peels


  • HIFU High Intensity Focused Ultrasound,  Skin Tightening & Lifting 


  • Radio Frequency  Skin Firming/ Collagen Boosting 


  • Celluma LED Light  Red Anti Aging and Blue Acne 


  • Laser Hair Removal X Large 


  • Laser Hair Removal  Large 


  • Laser Hair Removal  Medium 


  • Laser Hair Removal Small 


  • Epilfree Permanent Permanent  Hair Reduction 

  • DMK Enzyme Facial 

HydraFacial Add On's 

HydraFacial Lymphatic Drainage 

Detoxifies and Tone the Skin 

Price 50 dollar's 

Hydrafacial  Deep Skin Cleansing 175 - 225 dollar's per session

Anti Aging, Acne Reduction, Deep Cleanse, Extractions, Deep Hydration

Session Time 30 minutes 

HydraFacial LED Light 

Anti Aging & Acne Reduction

HydraFacial Price 50 dollar's 

HydraFacial CTGF 

Growth Factor Booster 

Price 50 dollar's 

Vi Chemical  Peel  300 - 500 dollar's per session 

Vi Peel Original, Vi Peel Precision Peel, Vi Peel Purify or Vi Peel Purify Precision Plus, Vi Peel Advanced 

Acne Reduction, Reduce Hyperpigmentation, Reduce Wrinkles 

Session Time 30 minutes 

HIFU Skin Tightening and Lifting  ( 3 - 6 sessions every Six Weeks ) 1500 - 3000 dollar's per Package 

Face, Neck, Decolletage, Skin Firming & Tightening 

Session Time 30 minutes 

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening, and Firming ( Suggested Series 6 - 15 sessions) 

Face, Neck and Decolletage, Skin Firming & Tightening 

Session Time 30 minutes 

Celluma LED Light Red  Anti Aging & Blue Light Acne Reduction 90 dollar's per session  (Suggested  3 -10 sessions per package. )

Face, Chest or Back

Session Time 30 minutes 

Epilfree 98 % All Natural Permanent  Hair Reduction 400 -1400 dollar's per Package  12 sessions  ( Please Move this service this above the Laser Hair Removal )


Full Body, Small, Medium, Large and X Large Sessions 

10 -75 minutes 

IPL Photo Facial  Skin Rejuvenation from Sun Damage, Age Spots, 900 - 1200 dollar's per Package, ( Suggested sessions 3 - 4 sessions Monthly ) 

Face, Neck, Arms, Decollatage, Arms, Back, Legs

Session Time 30-45 minutes 

Laser Acne Reduction 300 dollar's each Session ( Suggested 3 sessions.) 


Session Time 30 minutes


Laser Skin Firming 300 dollar's each Session ( Suggested 3-6 sessions.) 


Session Time 30 minutes

Laser Hair Removal:

A series of  6 sessions, 750 -3000 dollar's per Package  (Sessions every 6 Week's ) 


Full Body : Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large area's 

Session Time 20 - 90 minutes 

Prices per Area: 


Small Area: series of Six, 750 dollar's  Chin, Upper Lip, Ears


Medium Area: series of Six, 1350 dollar's  Under Arms, Cheeks, and Neck 


Large Area: series of Six, 2660 dollar's Bikini, Half Legs, Half Arms


X Large Area: series of Six, 3000 dollar's  Full Legs, Back, Chest, Brazilian

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Your home for Spa, Body Contouring and Advanced Skin Care services we offer a variety services that address Anti - Aging, Acne, Cellulite Reduction, Body Sculpting, Permanent Hair Reduction and Permanent Hair Removal, Custom Massages,Chemical Peels, Skin Tightening, Skin Lifting and much more. 

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